Dear Prospective Clients,


Moonlily Artisan Soap and Cosmetics, is unique in that we are the only Welsh Bath and Body producer to use a 15 oils and butter formula in our Cream Silk Soaps. Our mini works of art are handcrafted, hand-piped, hand-decorated and even hand-labelled.


Moonlily Artisan Soaps and Cosmetics, has the most unique selection of bath and body products and home fragrance using the finest selection of perfume house fragrances and botanical extracts, giving you a competitive mark up for your retail outlet.


All our products are Safety Assessed by a UK Chemist in line with the 2013 Cosmetic Safety Regulations.  Please do check before buying any product that is classified as a cosmetic, that it has been passed as safe for use on the body.  Not all bath and body producers hold these CPSR’s as they are costly.


Minimum wholesale order amounts are as follows:


£100.00 minimum first order with re-orders at £100.00. Minimum quantities apply at 6 of any single product. We are unusual in that we also sell soap by the bar and not just in whole loaves.


We supply the following products at wholesale prices:


Cream Silk Soaps: Individual bars and Whole loaves

Glycerine Soaps: Individual bars and Whole loaves

Bubble Bath Bomb Cupcakes

Bath and Shower Oils

Body and Massage Oils

Perfumed Body Frostings (Whipped Body Lotion)

Bath Truffles

Whipped Sugar Scrubs

Massage Bars

Soy Wax Candle Tins




Regrettably, New EU laws dictate that we cannot sell private label.



We look forward to hearing from you,


The Moonlily Team x